The Style of Demand by D. Sharpe,

TSI's Artist in Residence


The styles of artist D. Sharpe

D. Sharpe, The Shipwreck Institute's Artist in Residence, is the master of illustration. He favors black ink in tandem with either colored pencil or colored marker. He loves to use Nantucket Island as a backdrop. And he often draws seascapes, landscapes, maps, logos, seagulls, houses, and ships.

D. Sharpe Painting

Your own illustration is just a request away

It’s true. Let the artist know what you are looking for. He will then contact you to discuss details. And, if original artwork is not exactly what you want, ask D. Sharpe about convenient note cards, prints, or posters from the Gallery. Or ask when the artist will be appearing at the next Farmers Market during the summer or at a holiday craft show. Remember, it's art with an ACK-centric point of view.

Commission The Artist in Residence

to create an illustration

In the Fall of 2015, The Nantucket Hotel and Resort had D. Sharpe design a New Year's Eve poster with a “Titanic/Night to Remember” theme.  He also can paint your house. Ask about a House Portrait. If houses are not your thing, there’s always maps, logos and even a ship drawing.  

You can use our easy contact form to tell The Artist in Residence what you would like! Or use the contact info below:

"ACK" written on Beach Sand
Commission the Artist in Resident

The Shipwreck Institute
P.O. Box 605
Nantucket, MA 02554

Phone: 508-221-0743
Business hours: Monday - Saturday 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.