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  Follow the Artist in Residence, D. Sharpe. Be the first to know about new artwork, when the next show opens at the Artist Association of Nantucket gallery, upcoming appearances at craft shows and where he will be at the weekly Farmers Market during the summer. But that's not all...The Artist in Residence offers a unique perspective on current events helping to explain and make sense of a complicated world with an ACK-centric point of view.


The Fog Horn Logo

Classic Collection 1998 - 2004

The Shipwreck Institute is run by D. Sharpe and serves up art, history, and thought with an ACK-centric point of view. Sharpe, also known as The Artist in Residence, seeks to make sense of the crazy world out there. One of the past ways used to explain this complex, modern world was The Fog Horn, a legendary publication that first ran from 1998 to 2004.

The Fog Horn newsletter was the most-anticipated news source of the day. Handcrafted on grey paper with thumbnail pen-and-ink drawings that corresponded with a theme or subject, these newsletters were sent by U.S. mail to subscribers. In late 2004, the First ACK Republic fell and its helmsman went into exile.

Published during the era of the First ACK Republic, TFH tried to make sense of a crazy world that included Bill Clinton, Monica, Y2K, George W and the loss of the World Trade Center. In the fall of 2004, the 1st ACK Republic fell and Herr Director went into exile. 

The original Fog Horn was "hand crafted", printed on speckled grey paper and sent by snail mail. Issues ranged from 4 up to 10 pages - some being double issues. Each page had boxes that included illustrations by D. Sharpe representing a theme in each issue.

Highlights from 2015

Shows at the AAN Gallery

Shows at the AAN Gallery

In 2015, The Artist in Residence joined the Artists Association of Nantucket. Above, at one show in August 2015, a gentleman studies the two similar New Yorker style maps to Altar Rock and the Sunset at Madaket. The Fog Horn 2.0 would announce the AAN shows and the pieces in each show.

Top billing over Elin Hildebrand

Top Billing over Elin Hildebrand

The Nantucket Hotel and Resort commissioned The Artist in Residence to design the New Year's Eve poster with a “Titanic/A Night to Remember” theme. The poster was placed above an event with the famed island author that would take place 2 weeks after the New Year's Eve ball!

Saturdays at the Farmers Market

Saturdays at the Farmers Market

The Artist in Residence joined the Sustainable Nantucket Farmers and Artisans Market on Saturdays from early June to mid-September. Each week, he would notify readers where his location would be. Megan (above right), a fan from Texas, displays one of the ACK Seagull canvas totebags.