About The Shipwreck Institute


The Shipwreck Institute is not about shipwrecks

What’s in a name? A lot. The Shipwreck Institute is not about shipwrecks. The name is a metaphor about life in general - If you are not well informed you could metaphorically "hit the rocks" and ultimately sink. So think of this Shipwreck Institute as a place to go in order to avoid the rocks in life...

Besides, it's a cool name, too!

The Shipwreck Institute is a one man think tank run by the legendary D. Sharpe.  Art, History and Thought with an ACK-centric point of view. From his Fortress of Solitude (actually his studio) The Artist in Residence, a/k/a The Man in the Hat seeks to make sense of the crazy world out there.

One of the ways to explain the complex, modern world is The Fog Horn, a legendary publication that first ran from 1998 to 2004. The Fog Horn newsletter was the most anticipated news source of the day. Handcrafted on grey paper with thumbnail pen & ink drawings that corresponded with the theme or subject, these newsletters were sent by U.S snail mail to subscribers. In late 2004, the First ACK Republic fell and D. Sharpe, then known as Herr Director went into exile.

But recently, the world was becoming hard to understand again. Herr Director, now known as known as The Artist in Residence realized that the time had come to restart the Fog Horn. This time by e-mail and officially known as The Fog Horn 2.0.

Follow D. Sharpe, Artist and Thinker in Residence in his quest to find the truth and maybe he will find a real shipwreck after all! 

About Us and Chuck
Nantucket Boat

What's Inside The Shipwreck Institute?

The core principle of TSI is Art. From the beginning it has always been about Art. D. Sharpe started drawing around 6 or 7 years old - Just drawing or doodling. Eventually the doodling turned towards seascapes around Nantucket harbor. One of his favorite subjects to draw was the steamer Nobska. Tied up alongside Steamboat Wharf in 1974 and 1975, the Nobska brought inspiration...and heartbreak when the Nobska was towed away to Baltimore...Broken up in 2006, the Nobska lives in memory in past, present and future artwork. As Gordon Lightfoot once sang about the doomed iron-ore ship Edmund Fitzgerald, "The Legend Lives On..." with Nobska Studios.

But remember, its not all about one ship, its all that Art! D. Sharpe also creates original art of Nantucket seascapes using pencil, pen and ink, colored pencil, watercolor pencil marker and watercolor among other media.  Prints/ posters of that work are offered in the Gallery. D. Sharpe also offers his talent to help with your own personal work of art such as a Nantucket seascape, logo, a house portrait or a map thru Art On Demand.