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What is ACK?

ACK is the 3 letter FAA code for the Nantucket Airport, just like CHS is for Charleston or SFO is for San Francisco…ACK has become shorthand for Nantucket.

Chuck sitting on ACK logo
Lighthouse on Island
Summer Home

It’s All About that Art!

From Seagulls to lighthouses to maps, logos and house portraits, D. Sharpe, the TSI’s Artist in Residence conveys Nantucket Island as the inspiration and background for his unique illustrative style. Want to be the first to hear about new artwork?  Find out where the Artist is located at the summer Farmer’s Market or holiday craft show and what work is in the latest Artists Association of Nantucket show.  Subscribe to The Fog Horn 2.0 or like on Facebook, follow on Twitter or share on Instagram.

Art History from The Shipwreck Institute

ART, History & Thought
with an ACK-centric point of view

Artist D. Sharpe creates and offers:

  • Original art of Nantucket seascapes created with pencil, pen and ink, colored pencil, watercolor pencil marker, and watercolor among other media
  • Prints and posters of his seascapes, available in the Gallery
  • Original art depicting the iconic S.S. Nobska steamship

D. Sharpe also offers his talent to help with your own personal work of art, such as a Nantucket seascape, a logo, a house portrait, or a map thru Art on Demand

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We Ship All over the U.S.

We Ship Anywhere in the USA

Our Studio is on Nantucket, but you can have art sent to you anywhere in the US….or the Artist can travel up to 75 miles from Nantucket to meet with you if you have the right art project in mind.

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